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Who hasn’t had car problems at some point in their life? Or known someone else who has? Having car problems can be devastating. How so you may ask? Having you car break down can affect your getting to work, keeping an appointment, or even attending your child’s play at school. Not only can an entire day be ruined, it could be even a month if you don’t get your car fixed, and that would result in a loss of pay.

Sergio’s Towing & Recovery can be there to help you right away should you be stuck with a car broken down or needing any other services. No matter what your circumstances might be, stuck on the side of US 66 in Bolingbrook, or at a friend’s house or even your own, give us a call and we will tow your car to where it needs to go, a junk yard or a repair shop. Your knowing that our company has an excellent reputation for being reliable and having well trained drivers, who will provide you with the greatest customer service, can be very comforting. When you are dealing with car troubles you should know that calling us would be one of the best choices you could make. We know that having a car break down can be very stressful, so along with our great towing capabilities, we can lessen your stress level by providing very affordable services.

When having car problems you can become stressed and even angry. Should this happen the first call you should make is to Sergio’s Towing & Recovery knowing that our workers care about your time and your vehicle. When you realize that we will provide you with top notch, number one towing services, your stress level and anger will be greatly reduced. Let your car problems be our car problems and we will take care of them as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you need towing services, you want to receive them from someone you can trust, so call us at (815) 981-0456